Sunday, November 8, 2009

@Morriscat and Human Donate Toys!

Hello Fledglings!

I am so happy to see all the articles from fellow Duckie Club Members during my absence!
@Morriscat sent me a great article about a visit to Sunny Harbor that I wanted to share with everyone. It goes like this......
I would like to tell the Duckie Club members about my mummy's trip to Sunny Harbour Cat & Kitten Rescue. It is a small rescue run by a very nice lady called Sarah and her husband Paul. A lot of the cats have very sad stories, but Sarah and Paul give them lots of love and find forever homes for them :)
This year it has been very busy at the rescue and there have been some very poorly cats who needed lots of vet treatment. There has not been very much money left over to buy toys for the kitties to play with and the stockpile was running a bit low, so I had a word with mummy and we bought some jingly balls, plague ratsies and of course catnip duckies to take along! Mummy has visited a couple of times before to cuddle the cats. Sarah says that is a very important job because they need to get used to people to be ready for going to their new homes.
We did not give out all the toys, but the lucky duckie recipients were KT and Rocky.
KT is a feisty jellicle (black & white) cat who snatched her duckie from mummy through the bars and nearly tore it to shreds.

Rocky is a long-haired tabby boy who was also
very taken with his duckie! I think that they are duckie fans, dont you?

Sarah says that when the cats get new homes, they can take their favorite toy with them. I think KT and Rocky might just take their new duckie friends, MOL! And, I am pretty sure that the kitties who get the other 4 duckies will love them just as much :)
Purrs & nosetaps,

Morris ....................
Thanks Morris for the fantastic article! High paw to you and your human! Check out the website fledglings.
The Sunny Harbour website is and is @sunnyharbour at
Until next time
- Manxington

Sunday, November 1, 2009



Monday, October 12, 2009


You can imagine how surprised I was when @Jazzydacat asked to interview me for the Duckie Club! I was honored and thrilled. I’ve never been interviewed before, except at the Shelter when someone dropped me off. Dat was a sad day, so I don’t remember much about dat interview.

Meowie and I talked it over and decided it was a good time to “come clean” with who I really am. We thought instead of a formal interview, maybe it was a good time to really tell my story. I hope I don’t lose any followers over dis – but you see – I’m a BOY – not a GIRL! The whole scam started (not on purpose) when Meowie and her friends were discussing Twitter one morning and they all wondered what it was all about. M got curious and went exploring in January. Well, to get on Twitter, you have to provide something called a User Name. All she could think of was Ladycat3. Twitter accepted the name. Not knowing what to search for, she searched for CATS (her first love). Well, that’s all it took. Next thing you know M and I are tweeting. Pretty soon the picture went up. Once she was accepted and tweeted, she didn’t know how to get out of the Ladycat3 mode. She also never dreamed I would have that many followers in such a short time span. The more followers I attracted, the harder it became to tell the truth. So, @Jazzythecat’s request for an interview seemed like the purrrfect time to tell the truth. Jazzy had a good laugh when M emailed the idea to her. Now I’ve opened a new account in my name Mariodacat, so please follow me there. My name is really Mario– not Maria or Mary. (M probably should have let me open up the original Twitter account and we wouldn’t be in this mess!) M will keep Ladycat3 to use as a second account for pawparties, when needed, so don’t unfollow dat one please.

Editor’s note: **Since writing , Mario and Meowie haz decided to turn @Ladycat3 into @Mariodacat so dat dey do not lose followers. . Da changes shoulds all be done by Wednesday**

I was adopted by Meowie and Dad October 15, 2008 at the age of 3. I actually chose them. They had to put their Misty down about 2 months earlier. They couldn’t stand the empty house with no animal in it. They chose a Saturday to go “shopping” for a cat. Well, the minute they walked into the cat room at the Shelter, I walked right up to dad and started purring and rubbing up against his leg. He picked me up and said to mom “how about this one?” M liked me and petted me, but she also had her eye on Princess, my calico roommate (the snob). Well, it took 3 visits to the shelter, but they finally adopted me on October 15, 2008 because I was so friendly. Finally, my charm won them over! One of these days, I’m going to create a Blog and tell my life story, but I’ve already used up too much space by “coming clean” about not being a girl. As of this writing, Mama_Gerbil and her daughter, and now Jazzy were the only ones who knew the real story. Now everyone will know, and I feel so much better! I am a Boy – a Mancat really!

My new family likes to buy new things for me even though there are lots of toys left from Misty’s days. So one day Meowie was on Twitter and saw all the kitties with their Duckies. She thought it was so very cute and ordered one from @BabyPatches’ mama’s store. I was so excited when it came because it was my first piece of mail. I do love my duckie and nap with him quite often. I’m not into catnip really, so my peeps had to take the stinky stuff out – now I love the duckie. I just call him “ducky the duck”. Not very original, but it’s what I like to call him. Notice I said HIM! He’s looking very beat up because he lets me do almost anything with him. Sometimes he’s tied to a string and dangled above me so I can bat him. Sometimes he’s dragged on the floor so I can chase him. He never complains and just keeps on loving me back. I love my duckie and love being part of the Duckie Club.

Love you all,

Mariodacat (formerly Ladycat3)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

First Aid for Duckies

Duckies is generally very healthy however it has come to our attenshuns that sometimes our beloved duckies is hasing owies. How could this happen, you mite ask? Wot does we do to saves our duckies' lives? Foster dog Buttons has grashusly agreed to demonstrate her nomming teckneek which could result in owies to the duckie.

If'n this is how you nom your duckie, then this can happen. (WARNING - These pikshurs is grafik and not sootable for viewing by kittens and puppies.)

As you can see, your duckie will start to bleed out stuffins. (Thank you @LouPeb for allowing us to use your grafik and shocking pikshurs for edukashunal visual aids.)

So, I knows my mom has some of that stuff wot the V-E-T uses for owies and that seems to werk well for dawgs and kittehs and it comes in loverly colors.

Let's try that.

Okay. Now I knows this must be the rite thing to use to fix duckies:

Mebbe you should just ask your mom or dad to halp you and as a last resort, you mite has to gets a new duckie.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Jazzydacat & Daisy Boo duckie "In Conversation" with Petie The Cat!

Petie, please tell Daisy Boo duckie and myself about your early life:

I was bornded on a farm and when I was 1 year old someone decided I should not be a farm cat anymore and they sent me to the Humane Society in Winnipeg. That was the worst day of my little life saying good bye to all that I had known in the whole world. My now mama had recently had a cat go to the Rainbow Bridge and missed kittehs so much she used to volunteer every day at the Humane Society. That is where she first saw me! I was such a big kitteh that I was all alone in a big big cage. She used to come by every day and pat me and talk to me and tell me everything would be oks.

I got adopted out twice but both times for reasons I do not know I was brought back. This was the second and third worst days of my life. Just when I thought that I had a furever home, they would bring me back!!! By the second time, I would not even lift my head and had stopped eating. I was so depressed cuz I fought dat there was somefing wrong wif me and nobody love me.

Dat must have been very sad for you. What happened next?

Then my now Mama come and tell me that she is taking me home and that she will never ever let me go. The next morning my mama and daddy came for me and iIhas been here ever since. This day was the best day of my life when I found my real furever home.

We understand you haz a luvverly duckie called “Delila” – how did she come to live with you?

I have a duckie that is named Delila Duckie. She was sent to me via mail by @wildboutbirds, Honeybell. He heard that I wanted to has a duckie so he sent her to me. I called her Delila in honour of my good friend @DelilaGerbil on twitter who had recently gonded to the Rainbow Bridge.

Hazing Delila must be great fun! What sort of fings do you get up too? Any games?

Delila is a very sweet duckie. She cuddles wif me all the time and she lets me slobber all over her. Sumtimes we go out in the garden and she get to dig for worms. She likes to do dat. And you know what... sometimes she lets me toss her way high up in the air and then she come down "splat", but she never ever gets hurt. She just lies there and giggles and waits for me to do it again.

Sometimes she gets lost cuz she is little and mama and daddy has to go look for her, because I cry and cry for my Delila Duckie. She has turned up in some odd places such as laundry baskets, under da couch, under da TV and in the bottom of my bed. We always find her though and she tells me her adventure stories.

Delila is a great friend and I can tell her anything. She tells me stories too when mama and daddy are gone and this keeps me company and laughing for hours.

I just cannot thank @Wildboutbirds Honeybell enough for sending me such a wonderful duckie.

Thank you, Petie and Delila, for sharing with us your beautiful ‘happy ending’ story.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Care and Feeding of Your Duckie

Care and feeding of your duckie is very important.  Here are some things to remember about caring for your duckie properly.

Nom your duckie gently. If you nom your duckie's head off, he will not play with you any more.

Hug your duckie and say nice things to it. We duckies have feelings, you know.

Make sure your duckie gets plenty of exercise and fresh air.

Make sure your duckie gets plenty of tasty noms.

Show your appreciation for your duckie by getting him nice gifts.

And if your duckie wants, get him cool shades like mine.

That should keep your duckie happy!  Nom on!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Daisy Boo haz landed! And Jazzydacat too!!

My good furrend, Manxington, very generously (foolishly) seds dat I cuds be an author on The Duckie Club site whilst he is "otherwise engaged" on a top sekrit misshun! So here goes!!

I lives wiv dat very, very naughty @jazzydacat! Well, I am her ducky, Daisy Boo, whom she adopted from @BabyPatches Momma some months back! I wuz borned by da letterbox method!! I haz made ma presence felt! Jazzy loves me lots but she sometimes slobbers all over me wiv her prawn bref and makes me feel all sticky and yucky ducky! She rolls me around all over the place and sometimes hideds me in places dat I dare not mention for fear of blushings!!! When I gets a little too much up ma own duck's bee-hind, den she frettens me wiv da "orange sauce" bottle!! I just stick ma tung out at her, waggle ma fevvers....and run like somefink possessed!

Jazzy also has two very smelly (pooey) Plague Ratsies called "Pinky" and "Perky" and dey are very naughty boys! We gets on just fine....cepts when we falls out over somefink like who eateds da last biskwit in da bowl! I nom nom nom on prawns but certainly not biskwits - honest!! She also got a four feets long snakey called "Hiss"! He hasn't got many teef but can certainly give a nasty suck!!! Just off da record, Hiss is one sandwich short of a picnic in da brain department, if you catch ma drift!!! Or to put it anuvver way "da lights are on but no one is home"! I fink wot I just sed is really funny!! QOL!! Snickers out load and falls of da so-fur!!!

Well, enuff of me, me, me!!! Dis is really call to all you Duckies who owns dem animated, self-opinionated furballs we calls C-A-T-S to come into da limelight and get noticed by being interviewed by???? TA DA, Daisy Boo Ducky!!

So, if you or your C-A-T is interested in letting me in on all your little sekrits, please drop me an e.mail to and we will takes it from der!!


Loves y'all!

Daisy Boo Ducky
Authoress Extraordinaire
Somewhere in da London, England, UK, Da Universe

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jeeves and the Puter

Hi ho fledglings -

As most of you know, I have not been online as of late due to Jeeves taken the puter all day. Dang humans and their jobs...but it pays for the catnip.

I will be asking a few members of the Duckie Club to help out with the blog. So many of you have given your support for the Duckie Club and I want to make sure it gets the attention it should, and what better way than from fellow members.

If you are interested in submitting an article for the Duckie Club Blog, contact me by Direct Message @manxington on Twitter or through the blog.

Thank you for all your support!


Wednesday, July 29, 2009


YAY for @Smokey8 and @Sylviedog!

Thank you everyone for participating in the first CLARINS Raffle for a Pawpawty!

@smokey8 is now enjoying her Super Restorative Serum and Lip Balm
@Sylviedog will be looking bronze in no time with her Self Tanner!


Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Hello my fellow Fledglings!

Jeeves and I agreed that CLARINS Skin Care #Pawpawty prizes for the humans would be a nice treat. After all, good help is hard to find :) One prize for the usual give-away, and the second prize is a choice of product for a Raffle.

At this time, these prizes are available only to USA participants. This is partially due to Customs. If you have suggestions about sending gifts out of the USA that you believe would be helpful, please leave a message in the comment section.

July's pawpawty will benefit D'Arcy's A.R.C. They are located in Canada, and were nominated by our fellow Canadian Duckie Club member @Petiethecat.

The Prize per the usual manner will be:
(1) Intensive Bronze Self Tanning Tint For Face and Decollete = Retail Value $32.00 US Dollars.

You may purchase a chance for the Raffle Prize by donating $5.00 to the July Pawpawty. You may purchase multiple chances. For example: If you donate $20 dollars for the CLARINS Raffle Prize, you will be entered 4 times

The Raffle will be open for entrees until the end of the #Pawpawty.

The CLARINS Skin Care Raffle Winner may choose from one of the following options:

  1. (1) Salon Size (3.5oz) Extra Firming Day Cream - All Skin Types. The Retail Size is 1.7oz. The Salon Size offered is 3.5oz. This Salon Size would be the equivalent of 2 Retail size jars. The Retail Value is $160.50 US Dollar.
  2. (1) Super Restorative Serum + (1)Moisture Replenishing Lip Balm. Both are Retail Size. Total Retail Value is $154.00 US Dollar.
  3. (1) Salon Size (3.5oz) Ultra Matte Rebalancing Lotion + (1) Moisture Replenishing Lip Balm + (1) Eye Contour Balm - All Skin Types. The Salon Size Ultra Matte Rebalancing Lotion is equivalent to 2 of the Retail Size, and has a Retail Value of $81.00 + $72.00 for the Lip Balm and Eye Balm. Total Retail Value is $153.00 US Dollar.
  4. (1) Salon Size (7.0z) Thirst Quenching Hydra - Care Mask + (1) Eye Contour Balm - Either All Skin Types or Special (dry skin). The Retail Size is 1.7oz. Retail Value of the Mask is $114.00 + $48.00 for the Eye Contour Balm = Total Retail Value of $162.00.

    Animals Rescue Centre is a shelter that is dedicated to rescuing cats and dogs from situations of abandonment, homelessness, neglect and abuse. All animals are given the veterinary care they need and a safe and comfortable place to live until they are adopted for life.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


There seems to be some confusion amoungst want-to-be fledglings. There is no requirement for where you get your duckie!

You only need a duckie to join! That is it! No more, no less. You get your duckie were ever you want to get your duckie. Some of you chaps already have a swell duckie.

Duckies for Shelters is a kind thought to carry with you, not a requirement. Duckies for Shelters can be worked in many ways. @Cheriswan has purchased extra duckies to give to the #pawpawty charity by @frugaldougal and @Romeothecat. @Kritterkondo is bringing a whole box of goodies to her local shelter. is one of the many great ways you can help. For every 25 duckies purchased, they will donate so 1 duckie to kitty shelter. Then we have our fabulous feline @Babypatches, who has joined in the spirit. BabyPatches knows we love working with her and as a thank you for the love you have shown by getting your duckie with her, she is brinking 2 handsome duckies to her local shelter. I welcome the opportunity to partner with @Babypatches over and over again in anyway that could help Duckies for Shelters good will program.

Remember - this is a silly duckie club, with silly animals - who have good hearts and help where we can. :)

So go get yourself a duckie and report for role-call.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Alert fledgling doggies...KONG Dr. Noys toys makes multiple size Duckies for Large and Small Dogs! Instead or replaceable catnip, they have replaceable squeakers!! Brilliant! Well done KONG! offers the mini duckie- for small little breeds. When you click on the Button it will list suggested Breeds. If this is where you make your duckie investment, it will go to the Duckies For Shelters program! Yay! Just remember you need to use the button on my blog for it to count towards the program.
My next task is to contact some companies that offer the larger sized duckies for dogs so all doggies can have fun and safe duckie toy! If you have suggestions of other companies you have had good experiences with and reputable, please let me know. @SylvieDog, you just may end up with your dream duckie yet!
Signing off-

Monday, June 8, 2009


Hi Ho and what what fellow fledglings!

Clear the ear wax for this NEWSFLASH! Our very own beloved @Babypatches is going to donate two(yes 2) duckies in honor of The Duckie Club to the Cats in Need shelter where her mama adopted her from. How exciting is this!
@Babypatches is a long time supporter of the pawparties and a wonderful member of the twitter society. Babypatches, you make twitter a better place! As soon as Babypatches and the Mama visit the shelter and take some pics of the new fledglings, I will post them for all to see.
Well done fellow fledgling Babypatches! *High Paw and Nosetaps*
The Duckie Club, helping shelter kitties one feather at a time! :)
And if the honor Babypatches charity, I would like to mention that all sales (including duckies) for the month of June: 5% of proceeds will go to the Cats in Need Shelter.
The priveledge to be a part of helping kitties in shelters makes one's whiskers tingle! Again, thank you one and all for supporting The Duckie Club!


My dream for The Duckie Club was to have fellow Twitter anipals be part of a club that helps Shelter Kitties. I wanted to find a way to connect (at least some) of your purchases to donations to toys for shelter cats. I call this the Duckies For Shelters program. Jeeves witnessed first hand how empty the cages were in a shelter just the other day.
The first company to agree to assist in the Duckies For Shelters program from purchases made through this blog is Yay for! When making your purchases through, you must use the button on the right of the blog in order for it to count. It is the only way they know it from the duckie club and will make duckie donation. You may want to remember the nip refills. I am working on the dog Kong duck toys now ':-) Bet u didn't know they make them for doggies too!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


What Ho!

Most of you litter box bound felines and carnivorous canines know me from twitter as @Manxington, along with my dashing and soggy toy- Grimy Duck. I suppose in all fairness I should mention my Valet, Jeeves. Jeeves is a good servant - brings me warm milk and ginger snaps before bedtime.

I shall now inform you on how The Duckie Club was hatched! I came into possession of my duckie about 3 years ago. Grimy Duck is both my pal and my pillow. After receiving so many inquisitive tweets about my rather ducky duckie, I started to wag the ol' chin as to the when, where, and how to educate kitties about obtaining one of these fine toys.

You see, they have catnip pouches (remind me of teabags) that come in refills, so the nip is niptasticly fresh! Grimy Duck has never ripped! Not one limb, no sign of stuffing, and no matter how hard I try when I play with him-I can't get the catnip slot open. Believe me, I've tried!

Then the noodle began to cook with the temperature set to bringing together the new feline fledglings. Eureka! The Duckie Club was born. To become a member of The Duckie Club you need to waddle up a hill while balancing a tray of toast on your head... Just kidding :)

1) Grab a duckie
2) Name your duckie
3) Take pic w/ your duckie (anipals only...sorry humans) and these photos must be rated G ( family show and all)
4) Post the pic on a web based page like for all to see.
5) Send the pic URL via twitter to @Manxington and @Shawneeshep (Shep is the Duckie Data Diva who takes care of the Member Roster page.
6) If for some reason you no not wish to be in the Duckie Movie - just say the word.

Ta Dah! You are in The Duckie Club! YAY!

You may use any kind of duckie. For those of you who are in need of a bird, you can check out "Where to get a duckie" page. There you will find out how your duckie purchase can help shelter kitties.

My KONG Dr. Noys duckie comes with Catnip refills and you can buy extra refills (look like tea bags). I've tried the loose stuff - go with the refills if you have carpets or if your human puts your toys in the washing machine because you can take the refill out.

To see which of your anipal friends are in the club check out the Member Roster.

Well, it's time to give the paw a rest. Until next time fellow fledglings!

Founder of The Duckie Club

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