Monday, September 28, 2009

Daisy Boo haz landed! And Jazzydacat too!!

My good furrend, Manxington, very generously (foolishly) seds dat I cuds be an author on The Duckie Club site whilst he is "otherwise engaged" on a top sekrit misshun! So here goes!!

I lives wiv dat very, very naughty @jazzydacat! Well, I am her ducky, Daisy Boo, whom she adopted from @BabyPatches Momma some months back! I wuz borned by da letterbox method!! I haz made ma presence felt! Jazzy loves me lots but she sometimes slobbers all over me wiv her prawn bref and makes me feel all sticky and yucky ducky! She rolls me around all over the place and sometimes hideds me in places dat I dare not mention for fear of blushings!!! When I gets a little too much up ma own duck's bee-hind, den she frettens me wiv da "orange sauce" bottle!! I just stick ma tung out at her, waggle ma fevvers....and run like somefink possessed!

Jazzy also has two very smelly (pooey) Plague Ratsies called "Pinky" and "Perky" and dey are very naughty boys! We gets on just fine....cepts when we falls out over somefink like who eateds da last biskwit in da bowl! I nom nom nom on prawns but certainly not biskwits - honest!! She also got a four feets long snakey called "Hiss"! He hasn't got many teef but can certainly give a nasty suck!!! Just off da record, Hiss is one sandwich short of a picnic in da brain department, if you catch ma drift!!! Or to put it anuvver way "da lights are on but no one is home"! I fink wot I just sed is really funny!! QOL!! Snickers out load and falls of da so-fur!!!

Well, enuff of me, me, me!!! Dis is really call to all you Duckies who owns dem animated, self-opinionated furballs we calls C-A-T-S to come into da limelight and get noticed by being interviewed by???? TA DA, Daisy Boo Ducky!!

So, if you or your C-A-T is interested in letting me in on all your little sekrits, please drop me an e.mail to and we will takes it from der!!


Loves y'all!

Daisy Boo Ducky
Authoress Extraordinaire
Somewhere in da London, England, UK, Da Universe

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jeeves and the Puter

Hi ho fledglings -

As most of you know, I have not been online as of late due to Jeeves taken the puter all day. Dang humans and their jobs...but it pays for the catnip.

I will be asking a few members of the Duckie Club to help out with the blog. So many of you have given your support for the Duckie Club and I want to make sure it gets the attention it should, and what better way than from fellow members.

If you are interested in submitting an article for the Duckie Club Blog, contact me by Direct Message @manxington on Twitter or through the blog.

Thank you for all your support!


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