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Easier Than You Think To Help In Your Local Area

This page will always be a work in progress with the help of the Members. This page represents how I want this club to feel like "our" club - a community club!

Many people want to help local animal organizations, but also feel it is too much on their budget or too demanding on their schedules to volunteer. I want so share with everyone easy - non intimidating - ways to help. I welcome everyone to write in the comment section the state and country you are referring to, and share information about easy programs or up coming events - such as dog-walkathons.

This is an example of what I am referring to:


Shaws - When you register your Shaw's Rewards card (those cards you stick on key chain)online, you can choose a donation from all of your future purchases. You have the option of 1% from all your purchases going to North East Animal Shelter in Salem, MA.

How easy is that if you shop there!

Many times I hear of fun dog walkathons that dog owners would have joined or sponsored had they known in advance.

I hope this give you an idea of some of the fun ideas and events I would like to share with everyone. Again, please right your suggestions in the comment section. List links to websites, the state(s) or countries involved, dates, your contact information via twitter - or email if you don't have twitter. I do not need to list you as a contact person for the information, but I may have questions before posting the information.

If the members would like, I will also list by state and country your twitter user names for those who are involved with shelters, animal organizations, fundraising events for animals, and such. My thought is perhaps if someone wants to buddy with or sponsor someone for a dog walkathon - or maybe someone wants to know more about ways to help shelters in their home town? I'm sure you can think of some ideas to share with me too!

I look forward to your suggestions and seeing your interest in this page.


@shawneeshep gave this suggestion:

1)Barnes & Noble Giftwrapping Fundraiser - Volunteer to wrap purchases at Barnes & Noble in Clark, NJ. Voluntary donations are made for giftwrapping services. Upcoming dates for volunteering: Dec 13, Dec 20, Dec 22, Dec 24, 2009

You can schedule in shifts if you get a group of pals. In the past, people did 3-4 hour shifts of 2-3 peeps ea. One year they made $1485, and on another $907
Past event: http://companioncrittersinc.blogspot.com/2009/06/fundraiser-fathers-day-gift-wrapping-at.html

Benefits Companion Critters, Inc. Animal Rescue Group www.critters.petfinder.org
Contact: @CCritters or companioncritter@cs.com

How And Where To Get A Duckie

Hello future fledglings!

What is that? You want to know some of the fab places to get a duckie? Allow me to assist! I shall give you information on my recommendation and some options.

I want you to get your duckie where u feel most comfortable! There is no requirement to where you get your duckie or what type of duckie you have. The brand I recommend (KONG) offers both doggie and kitty duckies. My recommendation comes from personal use of the brand. The Dr. Noys stuffed animals with refills are the only ones that have never ripped for me or needed a limb sewn back on! Yet, they are very soft and machine washable! Also, as you read about the USA options you will notice a company Cattoys.com and Dogtoys.com. They have agreed to donate toys based on sales to an animal shelter. I am simply trying to have some good come from all the purchases.

FYI: @boriskitty, @PimpTheCat and @RosieandCheeto have also had their KONG Dr. Noys Duckie for years and they can attest to the duckie! The duckie comes with 2 catnip refill packs. You can purchase a 6 pack of catnip refills for the duckie, and other Dr. Noys stuffed toys.

The KONG Dr. Noys dog duck has x-small duckie (looks like cat toy 3") and (I think) 2 sizes in the "Platy" duck. I believe the sizes are 5" and 7". I have only found the 5" online. Each comes with 2 replaceable squeakers, and you can purchase a 6 pack of refill squeakers for the ducks and other Dr. Noys toys.

USA Cats and Dogs
You have may options.

Cattoys.com and Dogtoys.com have buttons on my blog. They sell the KONG Dr. Noys Cat Duckie and the Kong x-small Dog Duckie, and additional duckies for larger dogs. Cattoys/Dogtoys has agreed to donate 1 Kong Duckie to a shelter per every 25 KONG Dr. Noys duckies purchased through my blog, and you will receive a discount on everything you purchase - so long as u purchase it through this blog. Look at the button to the left to see the current % off your purchase. There are many other online stores that sell it too. I got my duckie at a Petsmart store (they sell the dog Platy duck too). I suggest if you are going to go to a store, that you call ahead to ensure it is in stock.

I understand that in the UK and through many parts of Europe it is harder to find pet stores, compared to the USA. I am going to list 2 online stores that I found and have heard others recommend from their own usage.

Searching Online

  • Many times the Cat Toy will be listed under: KONG duckie, KONG Dr. Noys duckie, and Dr. Noys duckie. I have seen the dog toys listed at times as KONG duck.

  • Many times the Dog Tog will be listed under: KONG,KONG Dr. Noys, Dr. Noys - and the x-small is called duckie or duck and the larger is called Platy duck.

If you have questions, please enter them into the comment section. Along with a way to respond to you via twitter or email.

I look forward to seeing you in The Duckie Club!

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