Sunday, November 8, 2009

@Morriscat and Human Donate Toys!

Hello Fledglings!

I am so happy to see all the articles from fellow Duckie Club Members during my absence!
@Morriscat sent me a great article about a visit to Sunny Harbor that I wanted to share with everyone. It goes like this......
I would like to tell the Duckie Club members about my mummy's trip to Sunny Harbour Cat & Kitten Rescue. It is a small rescue run by a very nice lady called Sarah and her husband Paul. A lot of the cats have very sad stories, but Sarah and Paul give them lots of love and find forever homes for them :)
This year it has been very busy at the rescue and there have been some very poorly cats who needed lots of vet treatment. There has not been very much money left over to buy toys for the kitties to play with and the stockpile was running a bit low, so I had a word with mummy and we bought some jingly balls, plague ratsies and of course catnip duckies to take along! Mummy has visited a couple of times before to cuddle the cats. Sarah says that is a very important job because they need to get used to people to be ready for going to their new homes.
We did not give out all the toys, but the lucky duckie recipients were KT and Rocky.
KT is a feisty jellicle (black & white) cat who snatched her duckie from mummy through the bars and nearly tore it to shreds.

Rocky is a long-haired tabby boy who was also
very taken with his duckie! I think that they are duckie fans, dont you?

Sarah says that when the cats get new homes, they can take their favorite toy with them. I think KT and Rocky might just take their new duckie friends, MOL! And, I am pretty sure that the kitties who get the other 4 duckies will love them just as much :)
Purrs & nosetaps,

Morris ....................
Thanks Morris for the fantastic article! High paw to you and your human! Check out the website fledglings.
The Sunny Harbour website is and is @sunnyharbour at
Until next time
- Manxington

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