Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Jazzydacat & Daisy Boo duckie "In Conversation" with Petie The Cat!

Petie, please tell Daisy Boo duckie and myself about your early life:

I was bornded on a farm and when I was 1 year old someone decided I should not be a farm cat anymore and they sent me to the Humane Society in Winnipeg. That was the worst day of my little life saying good bye to all that I had known in the whole world. My now mama had recently had a cat go to the Rainbow Bridge and missed kittehs so much she used to volunteer every day at the Humane Society. That is where she first saw me! I was such a big kitteh that I was all alone in a big big cage. She used to come by every day and pat me and talk to me and tell me everything would be oks.

I got adopted out twice but both times for reasons I do not know I was brought back. This was the second and third worst days of my life. Just when I thought that I had a furever home, they would bring me back!!! By the second time, I would not even lift my head and had stopped eating. I was so depressed cuz I fought dat there was somefing wrong wif me and nobody love me.

Dat must have been very sad for you. What happened next?

Then my now Mama come and tell me that she is taking me home and that she will never ever let me go. The next morning my mama and daddy came for me and iIhas been here ever since. This day was the best day of my life when I found my real furever home.

We understand you haz a luvverly duckie called “Delila” – how did she come to live with you?

I have a duckie that is named Delila Duckie. She was sent to me via mail by @wildboutbirds, Honeybell. He heard that I wanted to has a duckie so he sent her to me. I called her Delila in honour of my good friend @DelilaGerbil on twitter who had recently gonded to the Rainbow Bridge.

Hazing Delila must be great fun! What sort of fings do you get up too? Any games?

Delila is a very sweet duckie. She cuddles wif me all the time and she lets me slobber all over her. Sumtimes we go out in the garden and she get to dig for worms. She likes to do dat. And you know what... sometimes she lets me toss her way high up in the air and then she come down "splat", but she never ever gets hurt. She just lies there and giggles and waits for me to do it again.

Sometimes she gets lost cuz she is little and mama and daddy has to go look for her, because I cry and cry for my Delila Duckie. She has turned up in some odd places such as laundry baskets, under da couch, under da TV and in the bottom of my bed. We always find her though and she tells me her adventure stories.

Delila is a great friend and I can tell her anything. She tells me stories too when mama and daddy are gone and this keeps me company and laughing for hours.

I just cannot thank @Wildboutbirds Honeybell enough for sending me such a wonderful duckie.

Thank you, Petie and Delila, for sharing with us your beautiful ‘happy ending’ story.


Teagan said...

That is so sad Petie, that you had such a terrible time as a little kitty. I am so glad that you haves such a wonderful mama now though. Hey, I gotta find out where I get me a duckie so I can joins the Duckie Club too!

Pandafur said...

What a great interview Jazzy an Daisy. Petie your story made me cry an then it made me laughs. I am so happy you haz your furever home.

purplebear said...

Jazzydacat & Daisy Boo thank you for such a nice "happy ending story" :)

Don't really no if I believ in fate or not but dis definitly seems to be so.

Petie, I sooo sorry for your sad days in beginning of ur life:( I sertnly don't know how anybody cud luk at dat such sweet lil face of yours & evr giv u away:( U is such a sweet kitty:):)

Petie thawt -"somefing wrong wif me and nobody love me." no, no, no dis is ware I thnk fate musta bin. I truly do believe dat u wer ment 2b wif your now mama & daddy:) If those uthrs wudn't hav brawt u bak, u wudn't hav gone home wif dem. Sooo even tho dem uthr peepl bringng u bak made u vry sad at da time, I think in the end u defintly r ware u r suposd 2b.

I dont thnk any mama & daddy anyware in da werld cud luv u anymor than they do & no tha wud nevr let u go.:) So, is gud uthrs brawt u bak cos dat let u be wif a mama & daddy who luvs u sooooo much:):)

Dat Wildboutbirds (Honeybell) umm can be a lil bit of a wildy one but wuz sooo sweet 2 hav sent u Delila Duckie. I can tell u luv her a lot.

Anyway, I luv happy ending stories and dis one is definitly very, very, very nice:):)

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