Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Enter to Win "Duckies" For Your Favorite Shelter

We are happy to announce dat you can win some fun duckies (ok der really flamingos but aren't they just tall, pink duckies any way) for you favorite cat rescue or shelter.

Our friends at has kindly donated a bunch of pink duckies like dis...

They can be used as teasers or hung the doors for kitties to thwok.

Just enter the name and/or URL of the shelter of your choice (USA shelters only please) in the form below. (We might have to contact you for more information to send them their toys & treats once the contest is done).

We will randomly pick 3 lucky shelters to win a box of goodies from!


Manxington said...

Boris! I'm so excited! Just think how all those kitties gonna feel with their very own pink duckie! Yay! We got to get the word out! Thank you for the donation!

Boris Kitty said...

*HUGS* u welcome!

Manxington said...

I can't wait to hear who the winners are! Yay!

Boris Kitty said...

Three lucky shelters will be sent out a box of pink "duckies" and a bunch of utter cat toys for der shelter kitties to play wif dis howliday.


Boris Kitty said...

Da winners to be....

Black Cat Rescue
Boston Animal Care and Adoption Center
Rochester Animal Services Center

Concats to all and hope da rescue kitties enjoys der boxes of toys from

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