Wednesday, June 10, 2009


There seems to be some confusion amoungst want-to-be fledglings. There is no requirement for where you get your duckie!

You only need a duckie to join! That is it! No more, no less. You get your duckie were ever you want to get your duckie. Some of you chaps already have a swell duckie.

Duckies for Shelters is a kind thought to carry with you, not a requirement. Duckies for Shelters can be worked in many ways. @Cheriswan has purchased extra duckies to give to the #pawpawty charity by @frugaldougal and @Romeothecat. @Kritterkondo is bringing a whole box of goodies to her local shelter. is one of the many great ways you can help. For every 25 duckies purchased, they will donate so 1 duckie to kitty shelter. Then we have our fabulous feline @Babypatches, who has joined in the spirit. BabyPatches knows we love working with her and as a thank you for the love you have shown by getting your duckie with her, she is brinking 2 handsome duckies to her local shelter. I welcome the opportunity to partner with @Babypatches over and over again in anyway that could help Duckies for Shelters good will program.

Remember - this is a silly duckie club, with silly animals - who have good hearts and help where we can. :)

So go get yourself a duckie and report for role-call.


motorpurrr said...

Hi! Manxington
Thanks for commenting on my blog. I love your blog here. Super Idea. I'll get some duckies from you here soon.

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