Monday, June 8, 2009


My dream for The Duckie Club was to have fellow Twitter anipals be part of a club that helps Shelter Kitties. I wanted to find a way to connect (at least some) of your purchases to donations to toys for shelter cats. I call this the Duckies For Shelters program. Jeeves witnessed first hand how empty the cages were in a shelter just the other day.
The first company to agree to assist in the Duckies For Shelters program from purchases made through this blog is Yay for! When making your purchases through, you must use the button on the right of the blog in order for it to count. It is the only way they know it from the duckie club and will make duckie donation. You may want to remember the nip refills. I am working on the dog Kong duck toys now ':-) Bet u didn't know they make them for doggies too!


flicka47 said...

Hi Manxington,
Well after ordering some duckies for Babypatches to give to her shelter,Dolly reminded me that I should really get her two cats one.....
Well as soon as I find where Rosie took it I will send you a pic....

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