Monday, June 8, 2009


Hi Ho and what what fellow fledglings!

Clear the ear wax for this NEWSFLASH! Our very own beloved @Babypatches is going to donate two(yes 2) duckies in honor of The Duckie Club to the Cats in Need shelter where her mama adopted her from. How exciting is this!
@Babypatches is a long time supporter of the pawparties and a wonderful member of the twitter society. Babypatches, you make twitter a better place! As soon as Babypatches and the Mama visit the shelter and take some pics of the new fledglings, I will post them for all to see.
Well done fellow fledgling Babypatches! *High Paw and Nosetaps*
The Duckie Club, helping shelter kitties one feather at a time! :)
And if the honor Babypatches charity, I would like to mention that all sales (including duckies) for the month of June: 5% of proceeds will go to the Cats in Need Shelter.
The priveledge to be a part of helping kitties in shelters makes one's whiskers tingle! Again, thank you one and all for supporting The Duckie Club!


Toby said...

Absolutely wonderfur! I plan on using momsie's plastic agains to buy Cat Da Birdie refills...I alreadys broked one fwether playing wif it. Meh Quackerjacks still nice and softy. Purrrrr.

Your Daily Cute said...

BabyPatches has the best mom! What a great thing for her to bring the Cats in Need shelter to the Duckie Club!

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