Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Alert fledgling doggies...KONG Dr. Noys toys makes multiple size Duckies for Large and Small Dogs! Instead or replaceable catnip, they have replaceable squeakers!! Brilliant! Well done KONG!
DogToy.com offers the mini duckie- for small little breeds. When you click on the Dogtoys.com Button it will list suggested Breeds. If this is where you make your duckie investment, it will go to the Duckies For Shelters program! Yay! Just remember you need to use the button on my blog for it to count towards the program.
My next task is to contact some companies that offer the larger sized duckies for dogs so all doggies can have fun and safe duckie toy! If you have suggestions of other companies you have had good experiences with and reputable, please let me know. @SylvieDog, you just may end up with your dream duckie yet!
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Snick the Dog said...

i would really like a Dr. Noys duckie too. SitStay.com has some Dr. Noys toys but not this duckie. they donate to charity and are a really good company. maybe they will get this duckie in stock if you ask them to do it for the duckie club!

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