Thursday, October 8, 2009

First Aid for Duckies

Duckies is generally very healthy however it has come to our attenshuns that sometimes our beloved duckies is hasing owies. How could this happen, you mite ask? Wot does we do to saves our duckies' lives? Foster dog Buttons has grashusly agreed to demonstrate her nomming teckneek which could result in owies to the duckie.

If'n this is how you nom your duckie, then this can happen. (WARNING - These pikshurs is grafik and not sootable for viewing by kittens and puppies.)

As you can see, your duckie will start to bleed out stuffins. (Thank you @LouPeb for allowing us to use your grafik and shocking pikshurs for edukashunal visual aids.)

So, I knows my mom has some of that stuff wot the V-E-T uses for owies and that seems to werk well for dawgs and kittehs and it comes in loverly colors.

Let's try that.

Okay. Now I knows this must be the rite thing to use to fix duckies:

Mebbe you should just ask your mom or dad to halp you and as a last resort, you mite has to gets a new duckie.


flicka47 said...

Well,at least you didn't duck your responsiblity!!...snicker.....

LouPeb said...


P.S: I love your nurse cap...

P.P.S: I got video too. Way too graphic for our young audience though.

Inigo Flufflebum and d'Artagnan Rumblepurr said...

Ohh, poor duckies...

Boris Kitty said...

OMC doz u need a new ducky or wot?!?!

Dems iz sum "valuable" ducky firstie aid tips der, I tell u wot. MOL

Nurse Betty u aint...teeheehee

Miley said...

My furiend, LouPeb told me I had to come visit your blog and read your post on first aid for duckies. I've never barked so hard in my life!!! Glad mom is reading this, too!!! Come check out my blog and see what happened to my poor poor duckie!!! BOL!!!
lotsa licks,

Anonymous said...

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